is a service provided by ODIS Security/PRV Locksmiths to automate the hiring and payment of any hirable space, like tennis courts and halls. We also supply a complete access control package so security installers can offer this service to their customers as well. 

Our 4-Door and equipment boxes come with everything you need to control 4 courts including – 

  • Weather proof equipment box
  • Power supply
  • Battery backup
  • 4 door controllers to control 4 courts
  • Mini PC with enough temporary codes built in for every bookable hour for the next 15 years, meaning no ongoing internet costs at each venue
  • Wireless router built in to allow remote laptop access to equipment when in range
  • 4 Door Closers
  • 4 weatherproof mag locks with L&Z brackets
  • 4 Stainless steel weatherproof keypad
  • 4 Illuminated exit button
  • All brackets needed for mounting of equipment. 
  • 8 x signs, 2 for each door/court with instructions on how to hire the space. 
  • Comes with everything you need for security company to complete the installation *excluding cable and conduit.  
  • System can work stand alone without internet 

4 Door/Court Installation Kit $ Price on application

* Wholesale equipment rates available for security licensed installers. 
*GPO power in equipment boxes need to be connected to mains power by a licensed electrician. automate