Automate the hiring process

With you can automate the hiring process of your tennis courts, squash courts, club houses, halls or any other location. 

Sites are secured with our electronic access control keypads. When a valid booking is made, a unique temporary code is sent to the customer. 

Last minute bookings are also possible giving your venue maximum opportunity for additional revenue without needing staff to book or collect money. 

You can set the rate of hire for each venue/court and also set up any operating hours and days you like

The service can be provided on a flat monthly fee or a percentage of each booking. We can also factor in the installation costs on longer contracts, allowing no up front costs to get you started. Contact us to discuss your best options. 

Secure access for each court

We supply and install electronic keypads, locking devices and door closers to secure your site while you are not there. We also supply signage to display how customers can book and gain access to the site.

If you are not based in Sydney, we can provide your local security installer or Master Locksmith with the hardware needed to work with our site.

Only paying customers who have received a valid pin code will be able to gain access during the time they have payed for.

The system can also come with a number of master all access codes to allow maintenance staff and owners access 24/7

Ask us about video analytics where our CCTV can trigger an alarm or alert you if unauthorised use is taking place.


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